Entegris expands South Korean filtration analytical and R&D operations

The expanded laboratory, at Entegris’s Korea Technology Center (KTC) facility, includes advanced chemical/water analysis and material characterization capabilities, along with filtration device instrumentation.

Entegris says that these new capabilities will allow closer collaboration with local customers to solve specific liquid filtration challenges by providing optimized solutions for their advanced processes.

“Sophisticated analysis of the interaction and compatibility between complex process chemistries and filtration devices are increasingly important as technology nodes advance. We continue to invest in these technologies  ? close to our customers  ?  to optimise the performance of our filters with the unique chemical solutions our customers require,” said Clint Haris, Entegris vice president of Liquid Microcontamination Control. “Expanding the KTC liquid filter lab allows us to increase collaboration with Korean customers and to integrate new developments into new process solutions faster.”

In addition to the expanded analytical and R&D liquid filtration services, Entegris’s KTC also provides wet and dry chemistry development, chemistry formulation and pilot scale-up, on-site metrology with real-time reporting, and microcontamination and liquid filter characterisation.