Entegris opens new filtration facility in Massachusetts

The Entegris i2M (ideas to market) Center will focus on manufacturing and R&D of filtration membranes and specialty coatings.

The new facility will be Entegris’s flagship innovation centre for developing break-through filtration and specialty coatings technologies, which are used to maximise production yields in microelectronics manufacturing environments.

“i2M stands for ‘ideas to market’ and we intend for this facility to be our flagship innovation centre for solving very difficult materials science challenges. Our customers run extremely complex manufacturing processes and the i2M Center reflects our commitment to developing truly innovative solutions to support their process advancements,” said Bertrand Loy, president and CEO of Entegris.

About 100 professionals will work at the i2M Center. Entegris has approximately 350 employees in Massachusetts and 3500 employees worldwide.