Entegris extends VaporSorb line

The new filter is designed to be an all-in-one single-filter solution for capturing AMC in the chemical mechanical planarization process (CMP) in semiconductor manufacturing. VaporSorb is the first such filter available for CMP process tools that protects against weak acids as well as other contaminants.

The new filter was designed specifically for CMP tools to provide balanced lifetimes for all critical AMC in a single filter which avoids the complexities of multi-filter handling. 

"Yield concerns in the CMP process, just as in the photolithography process, can be addressed by providing complete AMC protection,” said Entegris product marketing manager for AMC Filtration Solutions, Marc Venet. “This means protecting against weak acids, as well as strong acids and other contaminants.”

Examples of weak acids include acetic and formic acids and nitrous acid. Strong acids include HNO3, SO2, H2SO4 and HCl. These contaminants are causing concerns regarding defects and yield in CMP processes.