Entegris extends airborne molecular contamination range

This follows its launch last week of an ultra clean liquid filter, also for semi conductor processing. 

VaporSorb is used in cleanroom environments and for process tools during semiconductor manufacturing. VaporSorb filters have been engineered to capture airborne organics, bases and strong acids. 

The new VaporSorb TRK has additional material to allow it to become the first single filter to capture not only the top three core contaminant classes, but also the fourth, a group defined as weak acids. The filter is thus suitable for photolithography coater/developer tracks. 

Weak acids

Examples of weak acids include acetic and formic acids (acetate and formate) and nitrous acid (nitrite). These contaminants are causing concerns regarding defects and yield in photolithography processing, since they are not removed by traditional AMC filters and, furthermore, may be formed from organic contamination when using traditional filter designs.

"Today's photolithography yield concerns can begin to be alleviated by addressing the one potential contaminant class that has to be addressed, and that is weak acids," said Joe Wildgoose, senior product marketing manager for Entegris AMC Filtration Services. "With VaporSorb TRK, we not only have a single solution that addresses the three common major concerns, but also the newest and latest concern regarding weak acidic airborne contaminants."