Eaton showcases water technologies at World Filtration Congress 2022

Eaton will be placing a special focus on highly efficient water filtration solutions at the World Filtration Congress in San Diego, California from 5–9 October 2022.

One of the water filtration highlights on booth #201 will be Eaton’s Model 2596 automatic backwashing self-cleaning strainer, a motorized unit designed to continuously remove entrained solids from liquids and pipeline systems, prevent damage to expensive pipeline system components, lower energy consumption, and minimize maintenance costs.

For applications where shutting down processes is not an option, Eaton’s Model 53BTX duplex strainer provides years of trouble-free service, protecting expensive pipeline system components from damage by unwanted particles.

Eaton Filtration's low maintenance DCF series will also be on display. These are considered the most efficient mechanically cleaned filters on the market, operating at a consistently low differential pressure. They deliver simple, reliable operation in which a low initial investment is a key driving factor.

Visitors will also be able to learn about the company’s bag filters. Eaton’s TOPLINE single bag filter housing features a side inlet, flow through top for easy filter bag change-outs and provides optimum sealing of the filter bag. When used with the Eaton filter bags, such as DURAGAF, HAYFLOW or MAX-LOAD filter bags, the filter area can be increased by up to 10 times compared to a standard filter bag while minimizing environmental footprint.

In addition to the water filtration technologies, Eaton will also be showcasing filtration solutions for life sciences. These include the upgraded BECODISC BC activated carbon stacked disc cartridges with BECO CARBON depth filter sheets that offer particularly high adsorption properties for the demanding filtration of liquids. In the realm of hydraulic filtration solutions, Eaton will show various filter elements for trouble-free operation when filtering abrasive or water-based fluids and cooling lubricants to help protect critical system components and achieve cleanliness class requirements.