Automotive air filter from MANN+HUMMEL

The company says that they use installation space with greater efficiency due to the flexibility of its external contours. The result is claimed to be a compact, performance-enhanced filter with a variable design according to the installation space specification.

Flexline components

According to the company, flat air filters based on rectangular, trapezoidal and polygonal forms with straight lateral edges were once the dominant design. However, Flexline components have a larger flow surface. This provides new scope for development to achieve targeted improvements in the filtration characteristics or pressure loss.

Mann+Hummel adds that with its sealing profile, Flexline elements are also flatter than standard products. This both allows a flatter housing and the gain in installation space can be used to increase the pleat height. The filtration surface is increased compared with a conventional filter which has limited geometries and straight lateral edges. An increased filtration surface due to the larger flow surface and an increase in the pleat height due to the new and compactly installed sealing profile all result in a longer service life and better filtration performance.