Mann+Hummel presents air filter technology at IAA

At the recent IAA 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, Mann+Hummel exhibited technology for clean air in cities, a cabin filter system for electric cars and its E-mobility product range, which provides battery protection for electric cars.

This year’s IAA saw the world premiere of Mann+Hummel’s integrated dust particle filters in co-operation with HBPO, a front-end module specialist. The filter element can now be integrated into previously unused space between the cooler and bumper in the front-end module.

Braking causes wear on the brake disc and pads and creates fine dust. The passive brake dust particle filter from Mann+Hummel is fitted on the brake caliper and retains particle emissions directly at the brake. It fits into many types of installation space and can be adapted to different brake sizes and concepts.

Also on show at IAA was Mann+Hummel’s FreciousSmart intelligent cabin filter system for electric cars, which operates the air conditioning system in recirculation mode, reducing energy consumption and extending the service life of the filter elements.

Finally, the company’s E-mobility range filtration solutions for electric vehicles included cooling air particle filters, air dryer cartridges and oil dryer cartridges, all designed to protect the battery system.