Anton Paar upgrades Multiwave PRO

Anton Paar's microwave platform Multiwave PRO platform has been upgraded. The latest addition is Rotor 41HVT56: claimed to be the highest throughput acid digestion rotor on the market utilizing the SMART VENT technology.

Smart Vent technology vessels have no consumable parts, no protective jackets, no tools to close the vessels, and no membranes which need to be replaced. There is no need for samples clustering; samples with different reaction behaviour can be digested in the same run.

High sample loads

Rotor 41HVT56 was designed for high sample loads. It comes with 41 vessels with 56 mL nominal volume and automated internal temperature control of each vessel. This means that 41 samples can be digested simultaneously in one run.

Multiwave PRO combined with Rotor 41HVT56 provides high-throughput microwave acid digestion and acid leaching of a broad range of samples, including food, biological, environmental, agricultural, cosmetic and pharmaceutical samples.

Temperature controls

Power as well as temperature programs can be performed without the need of any additional sensor. Three different temperature control modes are available. The digestion can be controlled based on : 1 - the hottest (most reactive) sample , 2 - the coldest (least reactive) sample, 3 - the average temperature of all samples.

The aluminum rotor body is designed to ensure maximum pressure stability of the thin-walled PTFE-TFM vessels. Additionally, each vessel is equipped with cooling fins for rapid cooling and accordingly short overall process times. Continuous low-intensity cooling during a run increases the vessels' lifetime, aims to reduce the running costs of Multiwave PRO with Rotor 41HVT56.