3M re-launches filtration system

The system now offers greater water flow rates and an improved performance, 3M says.

The 3M High Flow Filtration System now offers flow rates of up to 113m³/hr (500 gpm) in a single cartridge, using 90% fewer filter elements when compared to traditional 2.5 inch pleated cartridges. This reduced filter usage minimises labour and disposal costs, product leakage, operator exposure and downtime for filter change-out. The cartridge housing takes up 33-50% less plant space than competitively sized housings for a given flow rate.

Each grade of the filtration system is manufactured from melt-blown Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant polypropylene microfibre media, and the raw materials composing the filters are FDA compliant in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21.

Housings are available in sizes to accommodate one to seven filter elements in 40 inch and 60 inch lengths or larger on request, in horizontal or vertical configurations. Stainless steel external surfaces are glass-beaded for a consistent easy-care finish.