The modular Mann+Hummel design can be adapted easily to meet the specific needs of customers regarding ultrafiltrated water.
The design features an improved flow concept based on cross-flow which in turn can improve mechanical cleaning, energy savings and increase operational flexibility. The cross-flow mode generates a high speed cross-flow along the membrane which carries the fouling products (depositions) with it. As a result, fewer cleaning agents are required for the regeneration of the membrane.
Depending on the application, as an alternative to cross-flow, the flow of the water in the module can be made in dead-end mode. Using dead-end filtration the fluid flows with a low pump pressure against the membrane and the depositions are washed out at regular intervals with a rinsing process.
In order to improve the efficiency of the membrane cleaning, during the rinsing process air is also applied. This two-stage flow increases the force exerted on the dirt particles which are deposited on the surface of the membrane or in the pores. The two-stage flow reduces the consumption of clean water required for rinsing, leading to a lower energy consumption for the pump.
Mann+Hummel now uses the new skid design and improved flow geometry in its ultrafiltration systems of the Klar-series.