Filters incorporating the Noveko antimicrobial filtration technology consist of four layers of synthetic fibre that are fully leak-proof and offer an excellent resistance to temperature variations. Their superior filtration effectiveness also enables users to achieve ventilation systems related energy savings. Thanks to their greater durability and the fact that they are entirely washable and recyclable, the number of filters and the costs associated with their replacement are considerably reduced.

Simon Labrecque, vice-president, Filtration of Noveko Inc said: “We once again demonstrated we offer an ideal solution for any sustainable building project. After being used for over a year at the Bell Centre, our filters' degree of effectiveness and durability proved to be unmatched and beyond all expectations in a quite complex technical environment. We are particularly proud to team up with the Bell Centre, which is not only the Tricolore's general headquarters, but also the internationally renowned scene of large-scale events and shows on the cutting edge of technology. This new breakthrough in a high-potential market attests to the keen interest in our filtration solutions and sets the stage for us to equip many other multi-purpose sports and cultural arenas and amphitheatres. We are confident that the marketing of our filters in the buildings segment will accelerate over the next fiscal year.”