Veolia launches a new generation of Orion pharmaceutical water systems

Orion is fully compliant with FDA, cGMP and GAMP requirements and meets the water quality standards for USP and PhEur Purified Water and PhEur Highly Purified Water.

Orion produces compendial Purified Water through the tried and tested process of softening, reverse osmosis and final CEDI polishing and with the new range offering sustainability features to create an unrivalled water purification package. Microbial control is paramount in any purified water treatment system, and the new Orion retains the proven hot water sanitisation (HWS) system which covers the pretreatment softeners as well as the main treatment process.

Available in three models, the expanded range offers flow rates from 0.5 to 20 m3/h. The C-Series “Classic” Orion provides the core technology within the most economic package, whilst the mid-range E-Series includes, as standard, environmental features such as a concentrate recycle pump to conserve water during periods of no demand. At the top of the range, the S-Series, adds sustainability in the form of an integral recovery reverse osmosis unit, to minimise water and energy consumption, combined with long-term operating efficiencies.

In response to customer demand, the new Orion is equipped with an upgraded control system featuring a 15” TFT HMI with the options of Siemens or Allen Bradley PLCs, and a display of CO2, water and energy saved derived from sensors that use the latest Integrated Smart Module (ISM) systems.

Orion’s skid has a new, cleaner look with the addition of plant status LEDs on each corner for easy operator monitoring. As with all Veolia pharmaceutical systems, Orion comes complete with a validation pack and an after sales preventive maintenance contract, which can be fully customised.