ELGA Process Water launches pharmaceutical water package TRITON

The TRITON package incorporates a pre-filter, reverse osmosis, state-of-the-art chemical-free electrodeionisation stack and a 350 litre purified water storage tank and ring main booster pump. TRITON can meet the water quality standards of USP and Ph Eur Purified Water and Ph Eur Highly Purified Water and has a continuous flowrate of 350 litre/hours although it can run periodically up to 500 litre/hours.

TRITON has an un-compensated conductivity meter in order to meet the USP <645> chapter and to enable validation of the water quality at the outlet of the system and at the return loop. The system uses VWS’ ‘i-button’ device which protects TRITON against un-authorised intervention in the TRITON operation and sanitisation process.

With all the benefits of large pharmaceutical purified water treatment systems TRITON is ideally suited to pilot trials, production of clinical trial material, scale-up from research to production or large scale research products.