Underdrain Plates support filtration beds

Porex Filtration adds that these plates function like a ‘false floor’ allowing for maximum, uniform water flow-through in either direction without loss of filtering media. This enables automatic backwashing of the filtration system for improved bed regeneration and long system life.Porex Underdrain Plates are claimed to offer durability, efficiency, and easy installation to water filter treatment systems. Customised plate tooling and fabrication processes are also available.Key benefits include that they can support bed depths of 20 feet or more, and offer overlapping edges (for leak free installations). Uniform distribution of back flush, to increase backwash efficiency, is also possible. The Underdrain Plates offer high strength, UV resistance and a long system life. Porex says that they are easy to install using multiple fasteners, and are NSF-61 material certified for drinking water applications.