Severn Trent supplies filter underdrain system for Kansas water treatment plant

The contract included the installation of 24 14’ X 50’ filter cells covering a surface area of 16 800 sq ft.

Severn Trent Services also provided new stainless steel backwash air headers for the filter to simultaneously backwash with air and water. The 10” diameter air headers were uniquely designed to fit under the floor of the filters with J-Risers to bring air through holes in the concrete floors to the underdrain.

The Severn Trent Services TETRA LP Block is a dual parallel lateral underdrain system constructed from HDPE molded plastic blocks that provide effective distribution of both air and water for either concurrent or sequential backwashing.

TETRA underdrain filters feature the patented Grout Grip design, which increases resistance to uplift from the filter floor and offers twice the pullout strength of a conventional underdrain filter block. The wide, low-profile design requires fewer blocks to be installed to cover a filter floor, so fewer joints and less grout are needed.