Ultrafiltration aids Chinese paper manufacture

Ultrafiltration specialist inge watertechnologies AG has supplied one of its systems to a paper manufacturer in Guangdong, China.

The paper factory, run by Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd, has an annual production capacity of 730,000 tons of corrugated base paper, and produces boiler feed water for steam generation which requires 65,000 m³ of ultrafiltered water a day. The raw water for the factory comes from the Zhujiang River which must be cleaned using ultrafiltration before the water can be used in the production process. To fulfil this job, inge supplied a major order encompassing 800 dizzerXL 0.9 MB 60W modules installed in 10 T-Rack vario racks.

The pores in the module’s patented Multibore membranes are capable of filtering out suspended solids, microorganisms and viruses by physical means. They feature automated backwash processes that are used to clean the pores on a regular basis, and meet the challenge of using highly contaminated raw water that can put membranes under enormous strain.

“China is becoming one of the key markets for our products. Our technology is being deployed in an increasing number of large-scale projects, ranging from airports and factories to nuclear power plants and municipal wastewater treatment facilities. We have steadily built up a solid reputation in China,” said Bruno Steis, chief  executive officer of inge watertechnologies AG.