inge watertechnologies to supply 1600 ultrafiltration modules to Pakistan

KSB, the German pump manufacturer, and German industrial group Siemens have each ordered 800 ultrafiltration modules from inge watertechnologies to equip the new treatment plants that they have been commissioned to build in Punjab under the Pakistani government’s Clean Drinking Water for All initiative.

Clean Drinking Water for All aims is to install modern drinking water treatment plants in all of Pakistan’s 35 provinces. 6000 plants have already received the go-ahead, and the government hopes to eventually install 20 000–30 000 plants across the country.

Bruno Steis, CEO of inge watertechnologies AG, said: “The fact that both KSB and Siemens Pakistan have turned to us for a project of this scale demonstrates yet again that our technology is right at the forefront of the industry. One of our key competitive advantages is the reliability of our membranes. We are the only UF supplier in the world that is capable of offering a five-year warranty against fiber breakage.”