inge watertechnologies strengthens distribution ties with LG Electronics

inge watertechnologies entered the South Korean market a number of years ago through a distribution partnership with LG. The South Korean company is also an inge customer. Last year LG Electronics announced plans to invest more than US$400 million in its water treatment business over the next decade with the goal of becoming a top 10 global water treatment company.

Bruno Steis, CEO of inge watertechnologies AG, said: “I am delighted with the excellent relationship we have with our South Korean partner. LG Electronics’ strong presence in Korea and the Asian markets – coupled with the quality of our products – opens up enormous potential for both companies. South Korea is one of the most advanced economies in Asia, and as the country’s economic growth continues we expect to see major investment in the expansion and modernization of industrial and drinking water treatment plants. We are pleased that we will be playing a part in that thanks to our strategic partnership with LG.”