inge watertechnologies equips steel works with ultrafiltration technology

The 768 dizzer modules, from inge watertechnologies, will go online at the Iskenderun Steel Mill Factory in September 2010. The system will have the capacity to teat approximately 58,000 m³ of water per day.

Bruno Steis, CEO of inge watertechnologies said: “The commissioning of this major seawater treatment plant gives us a top-tier reference project in Turkey, which is obviously a fantastic step forward. And it is now set to be followed by a major undertaking in Asia – we have just received an order in China for a project involving the treatment of some 110,000 m³ of seawater a day. The fact that we are equipping plants of this scale with our technology is further evidence of the solid position that inge watertechnologies AG has now adopted in the premier division of global water treatment specialities.”