State-of-the-art liquid filtration solutions from Eaton at ACHEMA 2022

The Filtration Division of the energy management company Eaton will again be exhibiting in 2022 at ACHEMA, the leading international trade fair for the process industry, during the week of August 22-27, in Frankfurt, Germany.

The filtration specialist will be exhibiting numerous solutions for the Life Sciences and Industrial Processing segments at booth D22 in Hall 12. A special focus will be on the new generation of BECO CARBON depth filter sheets containing activated carbon and the Simplex 72X pipeline strainer range.

The upgraded BECO CARBON depth filter sheets containing activated carbon offer particularly high adsorption properties for the demanding filtration of liquids. Having the activated carbon bonded directly into the filter eliminates the need for manual dosing and separation of the otherwise typically loose activated carbon and the challenges that go along with it. With their strong decolorization abilities and adsorptive removal of undesired by-products, along with taste, odour and colour correction, they are ideally suited for use in the fine chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage, and biotechnology industries. BECO CARBON depth filter sheets are available in the versions ACF 02 with an activated carbon content of 1,000 g/m² (macroporous) and ACF 07.10 with 420 g/m² activated carbon content (meso/macroporous). They are available in all common filter sizes and formats as well as stacked disc cartridges and small disposable capsules. The product program thus covers the requirements from laboratory to production scale.

The new Simplex 72X strainer range consists of a total of six standard sizes from one to six inches for industrial pipelines. It features improved O-ring seals and allows removal of solids down to 40 µm. In particular, they support the protection of industrial plants where chemical, petrochemical and water pipelines can be temporarily shut down for cleaning or replacement. A duplex solution is also available for continuous processes. The improved sealing and surface finish properties comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), EN13445 and AD 2000 pressure vessel codes.

In addition to the product highlights BECO CARBON and Simplex 72X, Eaton will also be showcasing other filtration solutions for life sciences, such as membrane filter cartridges and housings, depth filter media, stacked disc cartridges and housings, and filtration systems for laboratory applications. In the area of industrial solutions, in addition to the strainers on display at booth D22 in Hall 12, there will also be filter bags and industrial filter cartridges as well as matching housings to see.