Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces next generation LC-20AP Preparative LC Pump

The LC-20AP preparative LC pump, from Shimadzu, has a wide flow rate range of 0.01-150mL/min and a high pressure tolerance of 6,000 psi up to 100mL/min and 4,350 psi up to 150 mL/min. This makes it possible to use 50 mmID x 250 mmL 5um-particle size columns to achieve high-resolution and high-efficiency purification, and improve productivity by five to ten times over the previous models.  

If the LC-20AP pump is configured as an analytical/prep system, a user can develop a method at analytical scale then immediately convert the method for prep scale. Shimadzu provides a tool to easily convert methods between analytical and prep for support customers. The LC-20AP pump can be used with Open Solution automated prep LC/MS software, which allows researchers to purify their compounds by simplifying the workflow in a walk-up environment. 

LC-20AP consumes 40% less energy in comparison with the previous model thanks to a newly designed high-efficiency power supply and motor control electronics.