Self-cleaning sensor launched

The modular S10 Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) sensor with ISE cartridges from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is suitable for a wide range of fluid analysis applications required in industrial and municipal water treatment applications. It can measure multiple common parameters in fluid analysis, including ammonium, bromide, chloride, cyanide, fluoride, sulphide, calcium, potassium and sodium ions. In addition to specific ions, the S10 Sensor can also be configured for the measurement of pH, ORP, DO and conductivity/resistivity.

The S10 is a fully re-buildable sensor featuring a 316 stainless steel body with a sensing element, a temperature module and a signal conditioner for the process variable. Ion specific cartridges are available.

The AC10 is an air blast spray cleaner for sensors available as either a single or dual channel system. It helps maintain sensor measurement accuracy in turbid water conditions by preventing the buildup of biofilms and other soft coatings, decreasing sensor maintenance cycles and helping to cut plant operating costs. It reduces sensor cleaning time and the amount of chemicals used for unnecessary water treatments. The AC10, when combined with a C22 smart controller and an S10 spray cleaning head, uses pressurised air to generate an area of high turbulence in the water surrounding the measurement end of the sensor.

It is available with either a 115 VAC 3.0 Amp or 220 VAC 1.3 amp air compressor and is housed in a corrosion-resistant, glass fibre reinforced polyester enclosure. Installation options for the AC10 include wall mounting or an optional 2 inch handrail mounting system.

The C22 smart controller features multi-bus architecture that allows up to four sensor inputs, six outputs and eight relays to be configured into the C22 controller. It can control the period and duration of the AC10 Spray Cleaner’s cleaning cycles. The period between cleaning cycles and the cleaning duration are easily adjustable.