Seal of approval given to MB-N2 and MB-WWT technologies

Microvi Biotechnologies MB-WWT and MB-N2 biocatalyst technologies were tested on wastewater containing ammonia and nitrate by scientists at John Hopkins University who teamed up with technical engineering and construction services firm MWH Alliance.

Results showed that both elements were substantially reduced in less time than many conventional methods while the secondary waste stream was also cut.

“We are excited that our transformative wastewater solutions have been validated by such a strong and forward-thinking company as MWH,” said Fatemeh Shirazi, CEO of Microvi.

MB-N2 uses novel biocatalysts to convert nitrate in water to nitrogen gas, a harmless by-product, safely and efficiently. Microvi says the MB-N2 technology is the first to degrade nitrate in water without producing a secondary waste stream and has dramatically lower treatment times and higher removal efficiencies than conventional systems.

MB-WWT technology is a low cost, small-footprint system that removes pollutants such as ammonia by degrading it into nitrogen and water using special organisms.