Nitrogen removal system reduces energy and lowers costs

World Water Works adds that the DEMON system is for municipal and industrial clients and is claimed to reduce energy requirements and lower costs.According to the company, the DEMON system provides reliable performance and numerous benefits over traditional nitrification-denitrification systems. These include its role in wastewater treatment energy self-sufficiency, reducing pending capital expenditure and ongoing operational costs, and optimising any wastewater facility’s footprint. The DEMON system features ammonia oxidising bacteria (AOB), which convert half the ammonia to nitrite. A second anaerobic biological process uses Anammox bacteria to convert a combination of the nitrite and ammonia directly into nitrogen gas. This system reduces energy requirements by 60% compared to traditional nitrogen removal processes, eliminates the need for all chemicals (methanol/alkalinity), and produces 90% less sludge. The system also features a low carbon footprint – the anaerobic process actually consumes carbon dioxide.