Sartorius extend laboratory water line

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These new product lines generate Type 1 to Type 3 ultrapure and pure water, delivering the right water quality for any laboratory application. The highlight of these new lines is the arium comfort series. In addition to providing ASTM Type 1 ultrapure water, this space-saving combination unit also produces Type 2 and Type 3 pure water. Low quantities of organic contaminants in water are all it takes to have a negative impact on laboratory tests. Sartorius says that the new arium ultrapure water systems deliver water quality that meets, and even exceeds, the ASTM Type 1 Standard. Its integrated UV lamp prevents microbiological growth, thus reducing the TOC content (Total Organic Carbon = degree of organic contamination) to a minimum. If a Sartopore® 2 sterilising grade filter is used on arium, ultrapure water is practically free of microorganisms when dispensed. As a result, arium ensures consistently high water quality and results that are always reproducible in mission-critical laboratory applications, such as cell cultivation and chromatography.Pure water is stored in the new arium bagtank system, which consists of a closed housing with an integrated single-use bag. Inside this bagtank, purified water is protected from secondary contamination. This ensures consistently high water quality over a relatively long storage period and thus reproducible results. The bags can be quickly and easily exchanged as needed and do not have to be chemically cleaned as is the case with conventional water storage containers. This minimises downtime and reduces maintenance costs, while simultaneously increasing safety for users, who do not have to handle any dangerous chemicals. The arium bagtanks are available in a choice of 20, 50 and 100 litres.The arium iJust software controls a valve on the concentrate drain based on the data measured for CaCO3 and CO2. As a result, iJust optimizes the quality and usage of pure water, extending the life of the downstream ultrapure water systems. All functions of the arium laboratory water systems can be controlled by touch-activated functions on the display – even while the user is wearing gloves. The new arium laboratory water systems are available as benchtop, wall-mounted or built-in units that provide various dispensing options and offer flexibility for integration into any laboratory