Sanyo Air Washer Plus air purification system for the home

The Air Washer Plus electrolyzed water technology works in tandem with the HEPA filter to remove 99.97% of airborne particles and allergens. The Air Washer Plus creates electrolysed water, or combines tap water with electricity to create two types of active oxygen which works to clean without needing additional chemicals. 

Tom Van Voy, general manager of the Consumer Products Group for SANYO North America said: “Sanyo has provided numerous products using its unique electrolyzed water technology dating back to 1987, but this is the first air treatment product Sanyo has introduced to the US for home use. Electrolyzed water technology has proven effective in safely suppressing various bacteria and germs, not to mention the benefits in air treatment eliminating unwanted odors and allergens.”  

Other applications for the Sanyo Air Washer Plus include food safety handling, washing raw materials and cleaning utensils.