New partnership promotes algae for wastewater purification

Aquanos’ technology captures the symbiotic relationship between bacteria and algae, says World Water Works. Bacteria supplies carbon dioxide to the algae, algae provides oxygen to the bacteria, and both remove impurities from wastewater. This natural process reduces a wastewater treatment system’s operational costs by 40-60% and significantly reduces capital expenditures.World Water Works adds that it can further enhance and optimise the Aquanos process using its AHTO™ (Algae Harvesting Technology – Optimized) expertise along with Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBRs). World Water Works says that its goal is to deliver lower cost wastewater treatment while producing high grade sellable products from this process.“I see this technology as a significant disruptor in the wastewater industry, and we are very excited about this partnership,” says World Water Works president and chief executive officer Mark Fosshage. “Our core technology will help complement their process to take the technology to the next level by producing sellable products. Our vision is to capture valuable resources from wastewater, and this partnership is one way World Water Works will deliver on that goal.”“World Water Work is a perfect complement to Aquanos, sharing values and a vision that sees algae as a promising pathway for renewable energy production,” explains Udi Leshem, chief executive officer and co-founder of Aquanos. “In addition, World Water Works’ global presence and strategic sales and marketing initiatives will help advance the growth and expansion of the company.”