RO technology awarded drinking water certification

According to NanoH2O Inc., this certification attests to the safety and viability of the QuantumFlux membrane modules when used in the production of drinking water, ensuring that they do not leach contaminants into the water. These contaminants include those regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Canada, as well as any other non-regulated compounds that may be of concern. 

“This is a mark of distinction within our industry that validates the safety and viability of our nanocomposite membrane technology in the production of drinking water,” said Jeff Green, CEO of NanoH2O.

The QuantumFlux membrane modules feature nanotechnology which increases membrane permeability by 50-100% over conventional membranes, while matching salt rejection. They also have increased membrane productivity, and decreased energy consumption, according to the company. The modules are available in an 8 inch diameter spiral-wound configuration that fits into industry-standard pressure vessels.