NanoH2O releases Q+ Projection software

NanoH2O says that the Q+ Projection software enables customers to optimise seawater reverse osmosis system design with NanoH2O’s nanocomposite high flux and high salt rejection QuantumFlux product line. By reducing energy consumption and increasing freshwater production, QuantumFlux nanocomposite membranes are claimed to lower the cost of seawater desalination significantly. Q+ Projection software is immediately available for download on NanoH2O’s website.

NanoH2O adds that the Q+ Projection software provides customers with a number of new features. These include: viewing key system design parameters, outputs and warnings on the same easy-to-use home screen; estimating the energy consumption of their systems; blending different types of membranes within a pressure vessel to maximise system flux; and entering custom elements to establish performance benchmarks.

“We are excited to make this tool available to our customers,” said Bob Burk, co-founder and chief scientific officer for NanoH2O. “Q+ provides accurate projections based on performance specifications of NanoH2O’s QuantumFlux product line validated in multiple field trials across the globe. The software has several unique features, including the ability to allow users to develop hybrid pressure vessel designs by using two different membranes in combination in a vessel. This option allows our customers to develop more innovative designs and maximises the performance that QuantumFlux membranes deliver. The team at NanoH2O has worked hard to ensure that the Q+ Projection Software user interface is intuitive, streamlined and visually relevant.”