Toray RO membranes certified for drinking water production

The top energy savers in Toray’s RO product line have received the certified confirmation that the RO elements and all their components are in compliance with requirements of the KTW recommendations and relevant guidelines of German authorities. This means they are approved for use with drinking water and drinking water production in Germany.Examination and relevant testing were carried out by Technologiezentrum Wasser, Karlsruhe, Germany. This is one of the major certifying entities for drinking water approvals in Germany. The testing process is rigorous and requires individual leach tests for all components, based on detailed disclosure of chemical composition for each of them. Given the fact that modern RO elements consist of many different types of engineering plastics, this makes the approval a sizeable task, says Toray.The scrutiny of KTW compliance is internationally renowned and makes the certificate a frequently accepted criterion for drinking water applications where national standards are not available.The TMH20A-400 and TMH20A-430 RO elements are especially suitable for drinking water production. They combine good rejection of Toray RO elements with a low energy demand comparable to nanofiltration systems. Toray expects to extend the scope of the approval to several other RO membrane products soon.