Polymer membrane combines high temperature and chemical resistance

PoroGen Corporation specialises in the development of high temperature porous polymeric materials and chose VICTREX® PEEK™ because of its good combination of high temperature and chemical resistance. The PEEK-SEP line of hollow fibre membranes and devices are designed for use in the most demanding separation applications.

According to Dr. Ben Bikson, president of PoroGen: “Manufacturing processes across numerous industries require cost-efficient separation of gases and vapours. Our PEEK-SEP hollow fibre membranes separate gases and vapours by the principle of selective permeation. Selectively permeable PEEK-SEP membranes with ultra-thin separation layers are tailored towards specific applications.”

PoroGen’s technology is based on melt extruded porous polyetheretherketone membranes. Dr. Bikson added: “Membranes made with VICTREX PEEK polymer offer the best overall property profile of any polymeric membrane on the market today, allowing them to perform in the most demanding environments. They can operate at temperatures as high as 200ºC (392°F) and are not affected by aggressive chemicals present in ‘real life’ process streams. Unlike more conventional polymeric membranes that can degrade, membranes made with VICTREX PEEK polymer can operate at high temperatures in aggressive environments without expensive pre-treatments.”

“One of the key requirements when choosing a porous polymeric material for our membranes was cost-efficient separation performance” said Dr. Bikson. “With VICTREX PEEK polymer, we have achieved our goal. The membranes can purify ‘aggressive’ industrial fluids without expensive pre-treatment. In addition, they are highly durable to be employed in industrial applications such as purification of natural gas, VOC abatement and filtration of aggressive solvents.”

In addition to membranes for gas and vapour separation, the PEEK-SEP line of products also includes hollow fibre membrane filters for removing particulates and undesired dissolved impurities, and hollow fibre membrane devices for gas/liquid mass transfer and heat transfer. “Our membrane technology based on VICTREX PEEK polymer can meet the most challenging separation needs in a wide range of industries including, oil and gas, pollution abatement, energy and power production, refinery, petroleum and hydrocarbon processing and chemical processing,” said Dr. Bikson.