Poly Shield Technologies files scrubber patent

By using the patent pending DSOX-20, a much smaller exhaust gas scrubber can be used, potentially improving the efficiency of the exhaust gas heat recovery exchange.

Condensation of sulphur on the sidewalls of the smoke stack is one of the byproducts of the exhaust gas heat recovery exchange cycle of the ships' power plant. This condensation results in a relatively quick corrosion and destruction of the metal exhaust gas casing and boiler. Currently, to avoid the condensation of sulphur it is necessary to keep the exhaust gas temperature high, resulting in lower efficiency of the entire power plant cycle.

By using Poly Shield’s patent pending system, the exhaust gas is sufficiently free of sulphur, reducing the temperature of the exhaust gas. This lower temperature extracts substantially more energy from the burning of the diesel fuel and increases efficiency of the diesel engine itself as well as the exhaust gas boiler, which contributes to improved fuel efficient operation of the vessel as a whole.