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Marine scrubber reduces marine emissions

The scrubber, which is Wärtsilä's first commercial marine scrubber project for a main engine, will be installed on Containerships VII, which is already equipped with a Wärtsilä W7L64 main engine. The scrubber will be delivered to the customer in August 2011. According to Wärtsilä, installation of scrubbers on marine vessels is a major step in the introduction of exhaust gas cleaning technology for maritime applications. The Wärtsilä scrubber will enable the vessel to meet future emission requirements in Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECA).

Scrubbing is a means of meeting the increasingly stringent International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and EU regulations. Scrubbers efficiently reduce exhaust gas emissions such a sulphur oxides and particulates, and slightly also nitrogen oxides.

"The Wärtsilä fresh water scrubber technology will meet both environmental and commercial requirements for our operations. We see it as a clear advantage that Wärtsilä, with its long experience in emissions abatement technology, delivers the scrubber solution," says Sigurjon Markusson, chief executive officer of Containership Ltd Oy.