Pentair displays filtration technologies at WEFTEC 2017

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Pentair delivers integrated solutions across the entire water and wastewater landscape from advanced filtration, desalination and water supply to water disposal, process and control.                                      

•    Pentair Myers V-Series Retrofit System - Featuring an axial cutter design, the Myers V2 Grinder slices through sewage solids and trash found in wastewater without roping or clogging. •    Pentair Hydromatic Premium Efficient (HPE) Submersible Chopper Pump - The cutting design of the pump should ensure that stringy waste and debris are cut into small pieces, allowing the waste to flow freely through the pump. •    Pentair X-Flow Advanced Filtration Solutions - For industrial processing and wastewater treatment, Pentair X-Flow will showcase its latest advanced filtration technologies. The Helix tubular membrane-based wastewater solution helps to prevent the buildup of insoluble particles in high-solids ultrafiltration while increasing productivity up to 100% and lowering energy consumption by up to 50%. Pentair X-Flow will also feature its Anaerobic Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) technology that converts high-strength wastewater into clean water and renewable energy.   Showcased brands across the company's portfolio include Pentair Aurora, Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis, Pentair Hydromatic, Pentair Myers, Pentair X-Flow, Pentair Codeline and Pentair Delta Environmental.   To learn more and to view product demonstrations, visit Pentair at WEFTEC booth #3625.