Pentair presents advanced filtration technology at IFAT 2016

Pentair says it combines its extensive advanced filtration application expertise, engineering skills and products to deliver world-class filtration systems for water and other fluids. Pentair’s X-Flow brand, with its membrane technology utilized in high-efficiency applications around the world, is continually innovating to help customers produce more food, energy and efficiencies from each drop of water.

Most recently, Pentair introduced its Helix flux enhancement technology, which is said to provide the solution to the problem of membrane fouling in high-solids ultrafiltration (UF). Helix introduces continuous turbulence right at the membrane wall, effectively cleaning the membrane at low crossflow velocities. Depending on the feedwater characteristics, it is claimed Helix can deliver up to 100% extra productivity and lower energy consumption by 50%.

At IFAT, Pentair will highlight its latest water treatment innovations, including: X-Flow’s Backwashable 8 mm Tubular Membrane Modules for lower crossflow velocities and significant energy use reductions in heavy-duty wastewater treatment; Aqualine, a robust media filtration solution for industrial water treatment challenges; the Airlift Membrane BioReactor (MBR) system, with Helix flux enhancement technology for higher performance, a smaller footprint and lower energy consumption; and the X-line rack, a pre-engineered ultrafiltration (UF) solution.

Pentair’s Airlift MBR system.