Pall freshwater generators selected for Royal Navy ships

The Pall Integrated Membrane System (IMS) freshwater generator is designed to transform any type of seawater into drinkable water. The fully automatic, cleanable IMS helps reduce maintenance tasks.

The IMS freshwater generator integrates hollow fiber microfiltration (MF) and reverse osmosis (RO) modules. It removes suspended solids, dissolved components and other contaminants from seawater.

The system significantly reduces the requirement to store spare filter cartridges and can be used to boost water production on a permanent or temporary basis.

The Type 45 ships are designed and built by BAE Systems.

Tom Quaye, head of BAE’s Type 45 Class Output Management Team said: “The Type 45 is the largest and most powerful Air Defence Destroyer ever built for the Royal Navy. It is a versatile platform capable of contributing to worldwide maritime and joint operations in multi threat environments. It is essential that these ships can produce fresh water wherever they are operating; we were very pleased with the performance of Pall’s IMS for delivering fresh water supplies during the ship’s deployment.”