Nonwovens’ industry bodies launch 2021 standard procedures

Global nonwovens' associations EDANA and INDA have released the 2021 edition of the Nonwovens Standard Procedures (NWSP), ensuring that the nonwovens and related industries communicate globally consistent descriptions, production and testing.

The procedures help to technically define the nonwovens' industry, with specifiers for the properties, composition, and specifications of its products. Offering harmonised language for the industry across the USA and Europe, and recognised by many other individual markets, the procedures offer a way for the nonwovens' industry to communicate both across the globe, and within the supply chain to ensure that product properties can be consistently described, produced, and tested.

The harmonised methods contained in the latest NWSP include 107 individual test procedures and guidance documents to support applications across the nonwovens and related industries, and are available on both the INDA and EDANA websites.

Dave Rousse, INDA President, said that the NWSP document is designed to provide a standard series of test methods of the various properties desired in nonwovens and engineered fabrics.