Nijhuis Saur Industries partners with NX Filtration

Nijhuis Saur Industries is partnering with NX Filtration to address water scarcity and reduce water footprint.

Image © Stillfx - Adobe Stock.

The partnership brings together Nijhuis Saur Industries’ expertise and resources in industrial and municipal water solutions, and NX Filtration’s hollow fiber membrane technology.

The two companies jointly announced their collaboration at Aquatech Amsterdam, unveiling a mobile hollow fiber nanofiltration unit called the MONF. The modular Nijhuis Saur Industries system uses NX Filtration’s unique nanofiltration membranes to remove a wide range of contaminations from water in an effective and sustainable process, substantially reducing energy and chemical usage. Designed as a plug-and-play system that can treat waters up to 100 m3/h, the MONF can be easily transported.

“By combining our expertise and resources, we are proud to offer game-changing solutions in the field of adaptable purified mobile water demand and wastewater treatment solutions to our customers,” said Eugen Goudsmith, CCO at Nijhuis Saur Industries. “Our newest mobile unit, the MONF, will be included in the NSI Mobile Water Solutions services that play a vital role in guaranteeing reliable, cost-effective, and secure water treatment across various sectors.”

Alejandro Roman, CCO at NX Filtration, added: “We are proud to collaborate with Nijhuis Saur Industries and Mobile Water Solutions in making our hollow fiber nanofiltration technology available to their customer base. Through Nijhuis Saur Industries’ extensive fleet of mobile systems, they can benefit from the unique features of hollow fiber nanofiltration, removing micropollutants from water whilst offering significant sustainability benefits.”