Live webinar with NX Filtration on hollow fiber NF modules

On Thursday 15 September 2022, Filtration+Separation will host a free live webinar event in partnership with NX Filtration on hollow fiber NF modules.

Image copyright © Dmitry Kovalchuk - Adobe Stock.
Image copyright © Dmitry Kovalchuk - Adobe Stock.

The webinar, entitled Color, PFAS and Organics Removal Using Hollow Fiber NF Modules, will introduce NX Filtration’s unique hollow fiber direct nanofiltration technology (dNF) which has been used for separating and removing color, turbidity, TOC, BOD, PFAS and other organic compounds from feed water to produce drinking water, increase RO system recovery, and enable customers to meet discharge limits or recover water for reuse.

Case studies at Melbourne, FL municipal water treatment plant and other drinking water applications will be presented.


Delegates will learn how:

  • NX Filtration has developed the only true hollow fiber nanofiltration (dNF) technology
  • dNF can be used to deliver drinking water quality in a single step
  • dNF can be used to remove color, turbidity and viruses from surface waters
  • Modules are NFS61 certified and will be NSF419 certified
  • dNF is suitable for removing many trace organics including PFAS, TOC and BOD


Thursday 15 September 2022 at 9.00 PDT, 11.00 CDT, 12:00 EDT, 17:00 BST


Jay Garcia, North American Municipal Sales Manager for NX Filtration.

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