New Zealand military deploys Pall water system after earthquake

A Pall WTS40 system, owned and operated by the New Zealand military, was deployed to convert seawater to 40 000 litres of drinking water for residents of Brighton, Lyttleton and Christchurch.  

“The WTS40 systems provided a reliable source of drinking water in Christchurch until the municipal infrastructure was rebuilt. The system has been utilized for emergency relief in other regions, and we are gratified to have helped the New Zealand Defence Force manage the disaster situation in Christchurch,” said Jim Western, president, Pall Aeropower.

Pall has previously supplied mobile water treatment systems to the New Zealand military for use on naval vessels. This is their first application of the technology for land use.

The WTS40 system used in New Zealand incorporated Pall Aria microfiltration membranes for pre-filtration and Disc Tube reverse osmosis membranes for desalination.