New filter media offers higher removal capacity

Purafil says that the IAQ GridBLOK doubles the removal capacity for formaldehyde, which surpasses the capacity for any chemically-impregnated granular media. The new GridBLOK media also has a high removal capacity for ozone, VOCs, hydrogen sulphide and general odours, says Purafil.

The GridBLOK consists of an extruded monolithic block containing a large number of small, parallel cells or channels and is housed within the PuraGRID™ filter. Purafil adds that each GridBLOK is a self-supporting grid structure composed of essentially 100% adsorbent materials, which allow the entire composite structure to serve as a gas filter.

According to Purafil, the GridBLOK maximises gas-phase air filtration and performance. This technology is claimed to provide energy savings with a lower pressure drop than granular media, more efficient gas removal due to turbulent flow, and the full utilisation of the media as it eliminates bypass and the necessity for a final filter with its dust-free design.

Purafil adds that the GridBLOK is available in five media compositions: the IAQ GridBLOK, Purakol® GridBLOK, Puracarb® GridBLOK, Puracarb® AM GridBLOK and Chlorosorb® GridBLOK. Each composite combats several gaseous contaminants and they can be combined to provide the best performance in a wide range of applications, says Purafil. The PuraGRID filters are available are available in five standard sizes for both two-inch (5 cm) and four-inch (10 cm) filters.