New 3M solutions improve water filtration for foodservice professionals

3M ScaleGard Blend Series of Products presents a powerful water filtration system with mobile monitoring capabilities through a Wi-Fi enabled head that connects to a user-friendly app. Fresh tasting water is achieved by calibrating the adjustable blend knob utilizing 3M supplied test strips—users capture a read of the incoming water quality, enter the values into the app, resulting in a precisely calculated blend setting. Once properly calibrated, Recipe Quality Water is achieved by filtration through a trusted chloramine reduction block and ion exchange resin, reducing the chlorine taste and odor and chloramines, and reducing minerals that can cause hard scale build-up on equipment, helping to eliminate the risk of costly repairs. In addition, 3M has recently released its SGLP-CL Series of Reverse Osmosis Systems for combi-ovens and boilerless steamers. Equipment can be protected from scale and corrosion by a single wall mounted, integrated system featuring a chlorine and chloramine reduction catalytic carbon block, a hydraulically driven pump to maximize RO water production and high production RO membranes. The RO system reduces hardness minerals that can build-up in steam equipment, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs, and saving customers on average $300 per year.* *1/8” of scale = 25% energy loss = $300 per year (average). Calculation based on $900 annual energy costs with scale-protection; will vary based on the heating equipment.

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