NanoH2O RO membrane receives Aquatech innovation award

The membrane won the award because of its energy-efficient performance and commercial availability. NanoH2O says that QuantumFlux membranes deliver the highest flux and highest salt rejection of any SWRO membrane on the market. NanoH2O was able to produce significant volumes of QuantumFlux membrane flat sheet and spiral-wound elements for a global customer base at its vertically integrated manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, USA.

“We are extremely honoured to have been awarded the Aquatech Innovation award in the water supply category, and to be recognised alongside other innovators in the water treatment industry,” said Jeff Green, CEO of NanoH2O, Inc. “This award further validates the viability of nanocomposite membrane technology and strengthens our position within the global marketplace.”

Among over 800 water technology exhibitors, NanoH2O and four other category winners were announced at the opening ceremony of this year’s Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition, which was held from 1-4 November.