MICRODYN-NADIR presents its strategic pillars at ACHEMA 2015

MICRDOYN-NADIR´s product portfolio has been extended since becoming a 100 percent subsidiary of MANN+HUMMEL; adding the polymer hollow fiber modules of MANN+HUMMEL to the product range.

These products are now being marketed under the MICRODYN-NADIR brand – AQUADYN. For MICRODYN-NADIR this not only meant a portfolio extension but also the perfect complement to its former product range.

Following the main goal to further grow in the water business, MICRODYN-NADIR presented its three strategic product pillars at the ACHEMA in Frankfurt: the BIO-CEL submerged MBR module, the AQUADYN hollow fiber modules for water filtration, as well as the SPIRA-CEL spiral wound modules.

  • The BIO-CEL is a submerged MBR module for wastewater treatment and combines the best of two technologies – the plate and frame configurations as well as hollow fiber modules. It is based on flat membrane technology. Two membranes are laminated onto both sides of a drainage layer. The BIO-CEL membrane laminate sheets are integrated into the membrane stacks in a unique way so they can move gently with the crossflow. Due to their unique “hollow sheet structure” they are very stable and robust – even after potential damage of the membrane the “selfhealing mechanism” of the BIO-CEL® laminate will ensure high permeate qualities. Besides, the BIO-CEL is unsusceptible to braiding and sludge deposition and is backwashable. The MCP- the Mechanical Cleaning Process for the BIO-CEL MBR- not only enables the continuous cleaning of the membrane and therefore constant high permeability of the membrane but also allows for a tremendous reduction in chemical usage.
  • The AQUADYN modules are MICRODYN-NADIR´s solution for water treatment. The hydrophilic low fouling membrane material and the double asymmetric hollow fiber membranes ensure effective retention of solids and bacteria from the water. The modules offer a high and stable permeate performance with high flow rates at low pressure. Flexible flushing modes are another plus when operating hollow fiber modules. The AQUADYN hollow fibers are widely used for the treatment of process and river water as well as in stormwater applications.
  • The SPIRA-CEL module design is based on several membrane pockets with intercostal spacer layers which are being wound around the permeate pipe. The membrane pockets themselves are composed of two membrane layers with a permeate spacer in between them. The pockets are sealed on three sides in order to direct the permeate directly to the permeate pipe. Compared to other technologies, spiral wound modules offer an extremely high packing density. MICRODYN-NADIR offers its spiral wound modules in many different configurations and therefore supplies them for microfiltration as well as for ultra-and nanofiltration applications. Whey concentration, milk standardization as well as wine clarification are major application fields for MICRODYN-NADIR´s SPIRA-CEL modules.