Mann+Hummel unveils carbon zero strategy

Filtration specialist Mann+Hummel has published its carbon zero strategy with a pledge that all of the company’s production will be CO2 neutral by 2030.

Mann+Hummel’s roadmap to carbon neutrality also includes using 100% renewable energy at all of its sites from next year and to have complete carbon neutrality along its entire value chain by 2050.

The company will align its operational decisions, products, manufacturing processes and procurement criteria in line with its carbon zero strategy.

Mann+Hummel says that the keys to achieving the goals include increasing its own energy efficiency and using renewable energies. The company will also pay closer attention to sustainability in its own supply chain and in the manufacturing process of its own products.

“It is our mission to separate the useful from the harmful. This is the basis for our business and, at the same time, our responsibility. We take this responsibility seriously - not only by providing our customers with cutting edge technologies to help them being more sustainable. We ourselves want to be more sustainable. Our own CO2 neutrality is an important step on this path,” said Jean Gangloff, vice president Quality & Health Safety Environment at Mann+Hummel.

Mann+Hummel’s latest Corporate Responsibility Report is available here.