Live from FiltXPO: Intermas unveils innovative net solutions for filtration

Intermas is representing its diverse range of nets that have swiftly become integral components in the production of air, hydraulic, fuel, and reverse osmosis filters.

Intermas' netting solutions serve as pleat support, membrane filtration spacers, outer wraps for filter cartridges, and protective layers for filter panels.

Business manager Pau Borràs talking about their net offerings, states that ‘these include the Air Filter Nets, designed to cater to a variety of filtration needs. These nets find application in dust collectors, cabin air filters, HVAC systems, and intake filters. With a mesh thickness starting from 0.5mm and beyond, and roll widths spanning from 55mm to 2 meters, the Air Filter Nets offer flexibility and adaptability.’

Additionally, Intermas presents Liquid & Hydraulic Pleat Support, a netting solution tailored for demanding applications in brake fluid, chemicals, and hydraulics. This product is engineered to meet diverse filtration needs with a robust mesh thickness range and roll width options, for pleating and lamination with filter media. Intermas' offerings are crafted with durability in mind, suitable for high-temperature filtering applications, with capabilities extending up to 160 degrees Celsius.

Pau Borràs also presents the Reverse Osmosis Nets, for water purification, liquid concentration, seawater desalination, electrodialysis, and gas separation. With a thickness ranging from 26 to 80 mil and widths varying from 55mm to 1 meter (40 inches), these nets offer flatness, ensuring a high level of performance in critical filtration processes.