LiqTech secures breakthrough flat sheet membrane production order

This initial order is for 250 m2 of flat sheet silicon carbide membranes and is scheduled for delivery in March.

LiqTech CEO Finn Helmer says this first real production order opens up what they believe will be a significant market opportunity.

“Tests have shown that the flat sheet silicon carbide membrane is unmatched in the market for cleaning drinking water, waste water and pre-reverse osmosis (Pre-RO) desalination. Testing is ongoing in 22 additional sites and we expect that our success in recording this particular order will result in significant additional orders from the other test sites,” said Helmer.

According to Helmer, Liqtech's initial results in sea water Pre-RO with their new flat sheet membranes have demonstrated a more energy efficient and reliable technology compared to conventional technologies. “In due course, we will expand our marketing efforts to cover other large applications that can utilize LiqTech's flat sheet silicon carbide membranes,” added Helmer.