Kaydon and Purafil form new filtration group

This consolidated group will be able to provide global environmental solutions for both air and liquid applications.Kaydon Environmental Services Group says that the combined market synergies, shared resources and expanded capabilities will support an aggressive growth plan to double business over the next five years.Purafil president, James Mash will serve as president of Environmental Services Group, reporting to Gary Brewer, Kaydon Group Operations president. James O’Leary, Kaydon Corporation chairman and chief executive officer, commented: “Under the leadership of James Mash and Gary Brewer, we will create a synergistic global business in an environmental services marketplace that fosters growth by adding new technologies, markets and products worldwide.”Kaydon Custom Filtration is located in LaGrange, Georgia, USA where the company designs, engineers and manufactures turbine oil conditioners, as well as filtration, separation, coalescing and vacuum dehydration systems. These products extend the service life of lubricants, protect capital investments and reduce premature equipment failure.Purafil, Inc. is located in Doraville, Georgia, USA where it designs, engineer and manufacture gas phase and biological air filtration systems, atmospheric and reactivity corrosion monitors, and UL classified granular media. These products improve indoor air quality, remove odors, control corrosion and scrub toxic gases.