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American Filtration Society holds ‘new energy’ conference

The American Filtration and Separations Society conference, which will run from 17-20 October 2011 in Houston, Texas, USA, will cover upstream and midstream oil production/processing; downstream refinery, gas, petrochemical processes; green and renewable energy; power generation; environment and water treatment; and other filtration and separation topics.

There will also be the opportunity for companies to promote their products and services through conference sponsorships and tabletop exhibits, as well as product showcase sessions where companies can present short informational seminars on their products.

Twelve short courses are also available. These will include: fundamentals of liquid filtration; fundamentals of air/gas filtration; microfiltration membranes; ultrafiltration membranes; nonwoven air filter media; electrostatic charging and electrets for air filter media; reverse osmosis system design; dewatering in wastewater treatment; liquid filtration testing basics; filtration and separations media use and market; cartridge filters; and coalescing – principle and industrial operations.