Filtration Society conference set for October

The Filtration Society conference always attracts industry leaders and this year is no exception. On day one, short course presenters will be Mark Crooks (TSI, UK), Danny Pattyn (, Belgium), Dr Christophe Peuchot (IFTS, France), Dr Steve Tarleton (Loughborough University, UK) and Professor Richard Wakeman (Consultant, UK). Topics covered will include particle size and shape analysis, porometry and characterising and testing filter media.On day two, the main ‘Filter Characterisation’ event will include expert presentations on topics as diverse as air filter testing, planning laboratory scale filtration tests and the importance of particle statistics in challenge testing. Attendees will also be able to see the latest filtration products at the trade exhibition, which features the ‘Technology burst’ session in which exhibitors are given the opportunity to make 5-10 minute presentations about their products or services.Dr Graham Rideal, CEO of Whitehouse Scientific is a former chairman of The Filtration Society and currently its science correspondent. “Whitehouse Scientific is delighted to again support the annual Filtration Society conference. One of its attractions for me, is the way that it gives conferees the opportunity to raise matters related to filter testing that are of particular interest to them, thus enabling us to learn from one another.”